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No doubt about it, there’s no magic spell to boost traffic and gain followers. But there is a StripScore formula that helps. Your StripScore can be your golden ticket to triumph, considering that the higher it is, the higher you rank on the site’s model list and hence the more traffic you will get in your room.

So now, what’s the secret to having a good StripScore? Your revenue per hour. This raises another obvious question, which is how you can earn as much money as possible in 60 minutes. Luckily, we’ve been in the game for a while and know some guidelines that models can follow in order to help boost their earnings.

First things first

Before we jump into the performance scope, let’s tackle the technical part.

We all know there’s always an element of the unexpected when it comes to live streaming. That’s the reason why it is important to double check everything is working properly upon start. And by everything we mean:

  • High-speed internet —a must!
  • A computer with good camera and mic
  • Or an Android or iOS device

As simple as that. That’s all you need to start broadcasting! SupportLiveCam supports mobile streaming, so no need to be in a room all the time or rely on your computer; you can stream from wherever you can think of at your best convenience and keep your fans with you. Who said that you couldn’t make money chilling at the beach, for example?

Make the most of your first 15 days

It's true that practice makes perfect. However, in this case, what you do in the beginning is crucial. The reason is that when you sign up on SupportLiveCam as a model, you get a 15-day promotion. During this time you build your own rating, meaning that the less you work, the lower your rating will be on the page once your promotion days are over. Conversely, if you work hard on your first 15 days, you’ll build a good rating that will rank you high on our website. Thus, more users will visit your chat room and more tokens aka money will roll in.

So, don’t underestimate your start. It is the most significant part!

Grow your followers and subscribers

Based on our analytics, models with more followers are able to make more money per hour. The science behind it is that these models’ profiles appear by default on the top part of their followers’ index page whenever they are online, turning up as first option.

So now you know that you must make being in a user’s Favorites list your priority. On top of that, if you get them to turn on the notifications for when you go live, you’ll definitely have them in the palm of your hand!

The followers base grows over time and it’s dependant on how often you stream, the duration of your sessions and interactivity in your room – or in other words, how users like your performance.

Life hacks on how to grow your followers number:

Set a fixed schedule

This is no different to any other 9-5 job. Of course, you’re free to choose when to work and how long. Nevertheless, if you want to drive traffic and do things right, you should keep a steady broadcasting schedule and stick to it. We recommend a shift of at least 6 hours long.

Don’t worry, as long as you take a positive attitude towards your job, it won’t even feel like working 😉.

Furthermore, it is convenient to specify on your profile when you most often go online so that fans can be waiting for you at this particular time and thus gain your base of returning visitors. Your Offline Status has you covered on that. You can add your custom status such as your next show announcement, and users will see this message on your broadcasting window when they visit your room.

You know what they say, better not leave any loose ends!

Include photos and videos of yourself

First impressions last, and your visual footage will be your key asset to get people’s attention in the first place.

Users love to see pictures of our models, and those with extensive photo galleries are the most popular ones and get offline tips from visitors (yes, you can make money even when you’re not online thanks to our offline tipping option, so your presentation is something). Add your best shots to your public photos so that visitors can get to know you better and pique their interest in you. You can also include photos to other private albums that can only be seen by “friends” or by members who spend tokens on it. And to top it off, display your playful and sexiest videos on your public videos section. Post to impress!

Bear in mind that it's not only about posting your footage once, but about updating it. If you want to keep your users interested, you must provide fresh content on a regular basis. You know the drill.

Complete profile description

Once you’re done with the photos and videos, it’s time to create a good and detailed “About me” section and leave them wanting to know more. You can write a mix of what you like to do in your day-to-day life along with what turns you on in bed. Users want to know what kind of sexual practices you fantasize about but also see that you are like their next-door neighbor; just a normal girl with hobbies and a life like anyone else’s.

Create your Tip Menu

On the broadcasting page you'll find a Tip Menu widget where you can include custom activities that you'd like to offer and prices. Advertising your services will help members have a better understanding of what you’re willing to do and how many tokens it will cost them. Setting clear goals always made things easier!

Tip: a shout-out to your top spenders in your description could be a great bonus. Just saying.

Add detailed Goal and Topic

Don't underestimate the power of these tools. Including a detailed Goal and Topic will greatly help you interact with your users. You can describe in your Topic what's taking place in your chat room and the type of performances you put on. Make show announcements or share anything you want your users to know.

On the other hand, the Goal is your perfect partner in crime in motivating users to spend money on your room. Simply announce in your Goal what special performance will take place in your public chat room and set a tip amount to reach the goal so that everyone can contribute with their tips.

Be dynamic and suggestive

Before thinking about how to make of a user a regular visitor, first step is to get them to stay in your room watching your show in full. Your public chat room is like the display window in a shop. Just a sneak peek of what could happen if they book a private session with you, for example, so it requires you to be a good salesperson.

It’s your responsibility to create the action and for that, you need to do something visually stimulating. Sometimes you might find that nobody is talking in your chat room. In this case, you could start moving around sensually, caress your body etc., to create the environment for people to start chatting and tipping you.

Find true fans

It is certainly not the short term goal, but in the long run we saw that if a model has fans who truly enjoy their time with her and they establish a loyal relationship, her revenue skyrockets. There is no universal recipe on achieving that, but the most important component is how well you communicate with your users. The most successful models are patient – time will be your best friend in this matter –, aren’t afraid to experiment and have SupportLiveCam as their only streaming platform. This way they can focus only on one channel and have better performance and interaction with their users.

Life hacks to help you build a loyal fan base:

Use the microphone

Having the microphone enabled and unmuted contributes to having a better StripScore. On top of that, try to talk to users in your chat room using the mic as much as possible. Keyboard can sometimes be a turn-off. Nobody wants to be locked into the narrative of the moment to then be dragged back to reality when the model stops whatever she’s doing just to reach the keyboard and type a message. Not cool.

Make your guests feel closer to you by using your voice and create a warmer vibe in your room.

Answer to members' messages

Being responsive is critical when building your fan base. That’s why we advise you to always try to respond to users who have spent tokens on your chat room, be it a greeting or a special request.

Be attentive and make them your friends in the long run for more chances to have a constant income.

Engage your audience

That’s the magic word: engagement.

We all agree that having 20 viewers spending tokens in your chat room is better than having 300 and only 2 tipping. Engaged users are more valuable. Now then, how to build audience engagement?

The first step is knowing your audience and showing you care, and for this matter you might need to take notes from time to time during your stream. Yes, camming also requires some homework. For example, if a user tells you his real name and you write it down, next time he visits your room you will be able to address him by his name and make an impression. If you get a user from let's say, Belgium, you would score some points if you go “I actually love Belgian beer”. If you notice that most of your audience watches Game of Thrones, it would be a good idea if you familiarized with the show so that you can comment about it with your fans and have them in your pocket. Analyze your users carefully and use it to your advantage.

Second step is trying to be original and sharp. Let’s say there’s a user in your chat room whose nickname is 'MrBigBanana'. A “hey, why don’t we go on a private and make it bigger?” might in fact work out. You never know, but all you can do is try.

You’ll be surprised by the power of a witty pick-up line. The word choice is all yours.

Get creative

Standing out from the rest may be challenging, but it sure has its rewards. Think outside the box and create new ways to interact with your fans. Anything that involves broadcasting in an unusual way or creating a different and fun environment drives users crazy.

Broadcasting from an outdoor location and creating the illusion that someone may see you, role plays, making ASMR, giving customized love advice… The path is all yours to design, and the limit is your imagination.

Invite your friends and followers to your room

You can make cash in the process of bringing new members to Stripchat, so if you have any social networks or other source of potential new users, don’t hesitate to use them as a place to promote your SupportLiveCam chat room. You just have to share your referral link there (URL should look like this so that new users can register as referred ones. Each time one of your newly referred users spend tokens on you, an extra 20% will be added up to their tip amount, thus catapulting your revenue.

Use the new dashboard

Analyzing and keeping track of your performance is key to growing your revenue, that’s why we suggest you visit your dashboard to get insights into your paying users. You can see who hasn’t spent money on you in a while and send him a private message to lure him back.


But... there are a lot of models online broadcasting at the same time. How can I compete with all of them?

There is no need to compete with the rest of models as long as you make your room and shows stand out and different from the standard. The great thing about SupportLiveCam is that we love to customize our index page based on users' interests so that we can send more suitable users to your room. But the important thing that you have to keep in mind is that this is a journey: you attract more and more users over time, having them as your followers, so you are able to capitalize on them to your own success.