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     Ranking systems
     Exclusive ranking system developed & offered by Stripchat
     Area of usage
     The system has been created to provide a straightforward and efficient opportunity for webcam models to track and improve their ranking on Stripchat

StripScore is an indicator of your development on the site. It depends mainly on your history of performance. The higher StripScore you achieve, the better position among models you'll have and the more traffic you'll get in your room. Other factors are: how many and/or from which country people are watching your show, if any among them added you to favorites... but in this article, we'll focus only on StripScore. 

It is absolutely possible to improve your StripScore over time. A good StripScore is the result of several elements over the span of your camming career. The most important one is the amount of money you make per hour in the long run. The other factors that take part in boosting your StripScore are:

  • Well described Tip Menu, which massively helps users interact with you.
  • Quality of your stream – have good connection and choose higher resolution.
  • A background photo or video to make your profile more visual and appealing.
  • Public galleries of photos and videos which help users fall in love with you.
  • Detailed Goal and Topic to understand what your room is about.
  • Great looking and detailed profile that gives useful information to the user.
  • Your Private Show Rating.

See the whole list of factors and their impact in the table at the end of this article.


In a rough estimation, your revenue accounts for 50-80% of your StripScore, whereas the above-mentioned factors account for 20-50% and above in case your revenue is low. Hence, you can still improve your position on the site despite having few users in your room.

The bottom line is that your StripScore will go up over time if you follow all the guidelines above and regularly do interesting shows for users. It's never too late to invest more in your room's interactivity. You will gradually see more traffic in your room.

We don’t have any penalties for taking days off, therefore you can have your holidays whenever you want and rest assured that your StripScore won’t decrease – but keep in mind that fans tend to stick with models that stream often and predictably. Poor internet connection and disabled sound though may affect your StripScore, so check your microphone and make sure that you have a stable connection before starting your stream.

Here is the table summarizing all the factors that can affect your StripScore:

Factors Impact
Your average revenue per hour Highest
Well-described Tip Menu (4 options minimum) High
Broadcast via browser in 720p or higher High
Background photo/video Middle
Public pictures (5 minimum) Middle
Public videos (1 minimum) Middle
Complete profile with panels (4 minimum) Middle
Your Private show rating Middle
Detailed Goal in the room Low
Detailed room Topic Low

To learn more about how to boost your StripScore, read our article Guide to improving your StripScore.